La gente de Crafttruck realiza periodicamente una muy interesante serie de entrevistas con cinematógrafos reconocidos en su serie “Through the lens”. Destaco dos entrevistas como punto de partida con los cinematógrafos Andrij ParekhReed Morano por que con ellos comenzó dicha serie. En los sucesivos capítulos han sido entrevistados, entre otros, Dean Cundy, Salvatore Totino, Gordon Willis, Edward Lachman o Peter Deming. 

Ademas de “Trough the lens” en la página también pueden encontrarse series de entrevistas a editores en “In the cut” y a responsables de efectos especiales en “Meet your makers”.

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David Simon       

Estupenda la conferencia y el debate posterior de David Simon con los asistentes en su participación en el “Festival of dangerous ideas 2013″.  Aquí un pequeño fragmento de la transcripción  editada por The Guardian.

“And that’s what The Wire was about basically, it was about people who were worth less and who were no longer necessary, as maybe 10 or 15% of my country is no longer necessary to the operation of the economy. It was about them trying to solve, for lack of a better term, an existential crisis. In their irrelevance, their economic irrelevance, they were nonetheless still on the ground occupying this place called Baltimore and they were going to have to endure somehow.

That’s the great horror show. What are we going to do with all these people that we’ve managed to marginalise? It was kind of interesting when it was only race, when you could do this on the basis of people’s racial fears and it was just the black and brown people in American cities who had the higher rates of unemployment and the higher rates of addiction and were marginalised and had the shitty school systems and the lack of opportunity.

And kind of interesting in this last recession to see the economy shrug and start to throw white middle-class people into the same boat, so that they became vulnerable to the drug war, say from methamphetamine, or they became unable to qualify for college loans. And all of a sudden a certain faith in the economic engine and the economic authority of Wall Street and market logic started to fall away from people. And they realised it’s not just about race, it’s about something even more terrifying. It’s about class. Are you at the top of the wave or are you at the bottom?”

Aquí encontrareis completa la transcripción editada por The Guardian .

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Videoclip del último album de Arcade Fire. Una emotiva pieza audiovisual dirigida y escrita por Emily Kai Bock. Rodada en 35 mm y 65 mm por el cinematógrafo Evan Prosofsky, un habitual colaborador de Emily.

Arcade Fire “Afterlife”

Father: Pablo Soriano
Oldest Son: Justice Lucero
Youngest Son: Cristian Guillen
Mother: Carolina De Athey
Laundry Worker: Jill Lachman

Writer/ Director – Emily Kai Bock
Production Company – ICONOCLAST
Executive Producers – Kathleen Heffernan
Director of Photography – Evan Prosofsky
Producer – Anne Johnson
Production Supervisor – Danielle Oexmann
Editor – Leo Scott, Emily Kai Bock
1st AD – Brandeaux Tourville
2nd AD – Trina Peterson
Steadicam – Ari Robbins
1st AC – Davie Carothers, Richard Garcia (Pick Up Day)
2nd AC – Andrew Porras
Production Coordinators – Kylie Ferguson, Brett Rohrbaugh
Production Assistants – Brady Heiser, Bret Rea,
Nathan Zasada, Tyler Miesch, Travis Cultreri, Andre Silverburg, Marcus Huerta
Production Designer – Hannah Hurney
Gaffer – Daniel McNutt
Best Boy Electric – Brice Bradley
Key Grips – Lev Abrahamian, Stuart Lock
BB Grip/Driver – Efrem Melik-Karamov
Makeup – Haley O’Neil (Day 1), Grace Pae (Day 2)
Stylist – Olivia Segerstrom, Jamie Catino
Sound Mixer – Luis Molguard
Location Scout – Jason Wisch
Studio Teacher – Jeff Raines
Principle Casting – Beth Holmes Casting Inc, Shane Casting
Background Casting – Mandi Gosling
Special Thanks – Justin Benoliel at Ramble West

Aquí otros trabajos de Emily en colaboración con Evan. Todos rodados en 35mm.

Grizzly Bear “Yet again”

Director/Writer/Editor: Emily Kai Bock
DP: Evan Prosofsky
EP/Producer: Geoff McLean
Underwater Camera Operator: Nabil Milne
Line Producer: Anna Junger
Prod Co: Vision Film Co / Logan & Sons
1st AC: Michael Bailey
Gaffer: John Hall
Key Grip: Nabil Milne
SFX: Jeff Skochko
PA: Jonathan Turner

Lead Talent: Rebecca White
Camper#1: Ted Reid
Camper#2: James Turnbull
Camper#3: Richard Harvey

Grimes “Oblivion”

Kool Music 5 “Running back to everyone”

Aqui la web de Emily www.emilykaibock.com

Aqui la web de Evan evanprosofsky.com

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“After they approached me i submitted an idea and, using there facebook page, we chose a number of fans and their homes as subjects for a series of motion portraits…Whilst shooting over four days I think what surprised me the most was the similarities in character between the fans we met. There was a real sense of warmth and thoughtfulness in all of their attitudes.. I think that says a lot about the music they listen to.”

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